Anna-Lena Husken

"What I appreciate most about GAMBIT is the appreciative, nice way the team treats each other - and the high level of flexibility we have here."

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"What I appreciate most about GAMBIT is the appreciative, nice way the team treats each other - and the high level of flexibility we have here."

I don't have any hobbies," says Anna-Lena, and in the same breath she talks so enthusiastically about her love of dogs that one is almost inclined to say: "Yes, you do have at least one! Having dogs in the family has been part of Anna-Lena's life since early childhood, and while it may not be a hobby in the sense of cycling or gardening, it is a genuine love. "It's so great that sometimes I actually dream of a dog rescue center that I'll open in a second life," she says and has to laugh.

At any rate, she wouldn't have to worry about the right marketing and social media for this station. After all, she studied management and marketing and has also been working in precisely this area at GAMBIT for some time. She started as a working student in October 2020 and - after successfully completing her master's degree - has been working as a marketing manager since August 2022. Previously, she had worked, among other things, in category management support for the REWE Group and, after completing her training as an industrial clerk, for Caritas.

"Sooner or later, I will definitely have a dog of my own when I have more time and space for it," she says. "Until then, I'll just walk my brother's dog regularly. That's a real joy every time, too - and totally relaxes me!" Like having a nice hobby, Anna!

Anna-Lena is Marketing Manager at GAMBIT. Among other things, she takes care of event and HR ads in social media, the organization of events and GAMBIT's TikTok channel.


Simply nothing left to chance

Whether it's an event, an ad campaign for human resources or content for social media - Anna helps organize many marketing projects and topics. Well planned is half done!

TikTok for the next generation of GAMBITs

GenZ is on the move at TikTok? GAMBIT now too! Anna wears the hat for this channel in marketing. She's mostly an idea-generator, organizer, performer and editor all rolled into one.

Important for working: Flexibility!

The free choice of work location and also a high degree of time flexibility - for Anna, these are very decisive plus points when it comes to working at GAMBIT. New Work? Let's make it happen at GAMBIT!

From working student to marketing manager

Does a working student at GAMBIT have a chance of being taken on? If the performance is right and it suits both sides, then all doors are open to students. Anna's path proves that.

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