Giulio Bergmann

"You miss a penalty kick and your team gives you a big hug and support so you learn something from it? That's GAMBIT!"

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"You miss a penalty kick and your team gives you a big hug and support so you learn something from it? That's GAMBIT!"

To learn German, Giulio, who was born in Italy, spent a year at a high school in Greifswald when he was 17. "I wanted to catch up on what I had unfortunately not learned as the child of a German-speaking Swiss mother," he says. However, he says, half of the exchange students at the time were from Central America. "And since I like to talk to everyone and they mostly didn't know English that well, I went back home after the year especially with a good knowledge of Spanish."

After the exchange and his high school diploma in Milan, Giulio first studied engineering at the Politecnico in Milan for a year and then transferred to ETH Zurich to earn a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering and information technology. When he's not working, he's gathering information about his favorite club in Milan - and above all, he's on the soccer field himself. "I also ride a road bike and ski and go to the gym, but soccer is my clear No. 1," he says.

Everywhere he has lived so far, he has also played soccer, now for three years for SC Wipkingen Zurich in the 3rd league. Giulio has now been part of the Swiss GAMBIT team since spring 2022, but still wants to continue his academic education in the future. "My goal is to do a part-time master's in management in some time - preferably directly in Paris to learn French as well!"

Giulio is an Consultant at GAMBIT in Switzerland. The focus of his work is the area of SAP Material Management.


Excellent onboarding!

In the first months I participated in many internal trainings. From a little knowledge of the SAP world to the recognized certification - GAMBIT provided me with all the content.

Our team in Switzerland

What sets us apart? Multi-culti! We are currently around 30 people who come from a total of 10 countries. I appreciate that very much, because this diversity always enables new perspectives - and is simply fun!

Giulio's favorite topic
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