Simone Sender del Castillo

"Who always does what he already can, always remains what he already was (Henry Ford)."

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"Who always does what he already can, always remains what he already was (Henry Ford)."

"As a child, Switzerland was like the next village to me," Simone says. "I grew up in Germany in the border triangle - and always just went to Switzerland to eat ice cream with my parents." That she has now been living in Switzerland for ten years is nevertheless almost like a dream for her every day. "I love the mountains, the snow and the lakes - and I have that here in abundance," she says. Professionally, too, she has long found a home in Switzerland. Simone worked in the fashion industry for many years, but has now made the move to SAP consulting at GAMBIT in 2022. "As a user, the SAP retail palette was one of my most important working tools. But I was always curious to learn about new solutions and application areas of SAP," she says. "Although the change now is already a turning point for me, it is basically only logical. I'm following my fascination for different business processes and can manage both projects and different teams with a lot of passion." A career in the fashion industry was initially a foregone conclusion: Her family had already worked in fashion. After completing a dual degree in textile business administration and a business management degree in Newcastle, Simone worked for various fashion retailers in purchasing and sales. Most recently, she was responsible for the concession development and partner business of the luxury department store chain Globus at its headquarters in Zurich. However, Simone has chosen to live in a very rural location in central Switzerland. The distance to the nearest ice cream parlor is much longer now than it was when she was a child. "But that doesn't stop me from eating ice cream," she says with a laugh.

Simone is a Project Manager for SAP S/4HANA. She works for GAMBIT at the Risch-Rotkreuz location in Switzerland.


Implementation of SAP S/4HANA Cloud at GAMBIT

GAMBIT is also moving into the cloud. As project manager, Simone is currently taking care of the greenfield implementation of SAP S/4HANA Cloud at GAMBIT Consulting.

The decision to inspire others

Using one's own enthusiasm to give teams precisely the impetus needed for future success on a daily basis - that is a conscious and rewarding decision for Simone!

Leading people means understanding people

Without the right mindset in teams, it doesn't work. Therefore, it is enormously important for Simone to understand what the individual members of the team need, what is going on inside them and what is holding them back.

Creativity is thinking-out-of-the-box

New ways and ideas for complex challenges? It is precisely when there is no one perfect solution that different thinking is often needed - sometimes even thinking beyond the comfort zone.

Simones favorite topic
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