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"Without logistics, nothing would work in the economy any more - to ensure efficient processes with the help of IT and SAP is therefore indispensable."

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"Without logistics, nothing would work in the economy any more - to ensure efficient processes with the help of IT and SAP is therefore indispensable."

Whether the enthusiasm for logistics was already awakened in childhood on the parents' strawberry farm? It is not possible to say exactly. But maybe the passion for logistics simply comes from the fact that Sarah has little use for stagnation in life in general - whether at work or in her free time. "I love it when things move fast," she says, "and I always want to develop myself. Her career path to date shows that this is true: it began with a dual logistics management course at the European University of Applied Sciences and at the OBI Group. In addition to training as a forwarding agent, Sarah first completed her bachelor's degree and then, in addition to working as a project manager in the warehouse logistics sector, she finally completed her master's degree. In 2016 she moved to ALDI Süd as Regional Sales Manager, where she was responsible for five branches and around 100 employees. Since she was always intensively involved with IT in addition to logistics in both companies, the desire arose to combine the two. Since September 2019 she has therefore been working in the SAP MM area at GAMBIT. However, everything else than standstill is still going on even after the work is done. The former floor gymnast was an active member of the Cologne carnival dance group Rheinveilchen. For some time now Sarah has been dedicating herself to running - however, there must be at least ten kilometers per run on the banks of the Rhine.

Sarah is a consultant for SAP MM and SAP SCM. She is mainly involved in the planning and control of goods flows and the optimization of logistics chains, also in SAP S/4HANA.


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