SAP security

Security issues in the IT and SAP environment are becoming increasingly important. In the following, you will learn how to discover security gaps and, above all, how to eliminate them.

SAP Security - Identify and Fix Vulnerabilities

Due to the company's own compliance guidelines, SAP systems also have to meet increasingly stringent security requirements. But despite the increasing importance of SAP security, many companies are still struggling with the actual implementation. There are security risks, for example, because important security patches are only applied to systems after a delay, or regular checks of ABAP coding are not always carried out.

The sensitivity for the security of the systems is caused by factors such as the protection of customer data or intellectual property. In spite of the strong relevance for the security of the systems, the sensitivity increases in enterprises only conditionally.

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Close security gaps at an early stage with basic work

Role and authorization checks are important measures that increase security. Only constant checks can ensure that incorrect authorisations do not lead to damage. A continuous adaptation of the own system configuration is also necessary. Targeted specifications regarding passwords and encryption must be defined and controlled by the company.

Another important factor is system utilization. With the help of your own penetration tests, an attack on your own system can be simulated. In this way it is possible to recognise the effects and take measures against these types of attacks or stresses.

Attack prevention is already significantly mature in many companies. What is often a problem is the attack detection. This is directly related to the responsiveness of the company. The faster the attack is detected, the faster countermeasures can be initiated, which drastically reduces the cost of such measures.

The seatbelt for your SAP system

Initial measures or solutions for increased security can be, for example, the preparation of a risk assessment or a security roadmap. Once the topics to be tackled have been defined, they can be worked through step by step. Through this process, a continuous, traceable security improvement takes place.

The following measures should be taken to improve your own safety:

  • authorization control
  • Verify password and encryption requirements
  • Perform a risk assessment
  • Create a procedure model for the continuous improvement of safety
  • Regular auditing of security measures

Every user and responsible person should be made aware of the importance of system security, because in the event of damage, security is usually unaffordable.

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